How to measure yourself

You are very interested in bras on the online site and want to buy, but you are confused about how to find the bra size that suits you. do not worry! You can use the following tools to do it completely at home without professional help:

  • Soft tape measure (if you want to know how to measure the bra size without a tape measure, you can use a rope)
  • Mirror
  • Your best-fitting unpadded bra with underwire
  • A calculator

Step 1: Find your band size

Measure the circumference of the waistband directly under the bust with a soft tape measure. This is basically the circumference of your ribs. When measuring, make sure that the tape measure is parallel and level with the ground. Round to the nearest whole number. If the number is odd, it is rounded up to the nearest even number.

Step 2: Measure your bust

When wearing an unpadded bra, measure the circumference of the fullest part of the chest. When measuring, use a mirror or a friend to make sure the tape is level. This measurement should not include your arm. Round to the nearest whole number. Remember to keep your bust measurement convenient, because this is where things get tricky!

Step 3: Calculate your cup size

You can determine your cup size by measuring your waist and bust circumference. Subtract your bust measurement from your strap measurement to find the difference. After determining the difference between the bust and the strap, please use the table below to determine your cup size. The cup size adds one letter per inch.

For example: If your waist size is 40 inches and your bust size is 43 inches, there is a difference of 3 inches. The difference of 3 inches determines your cup size is C. Finally, your bra size is 40C

Size Chart